I am currently accepting students aged 13 and up in my private studio, located in Ottawa South.

Before I accept new students, I ask that they attend an information session before starting lessons. This is at no cost to the client, and is merely used as an introduction and to go over my curriculum, discuss expectations, lesson policies, and materials that will be required, and to discuss the client's goals and ambitions. 

I pay strong attention to technique and reading, so we can minimize any hurdles as we learn the instrument from the ground-up. I don't spend the lessons asking "what song do you want to learn". I show the fundamental concepts behind the instrument, and show how and why we approach the instrument the way we do. My whole goal is to give you the tools you need to continue being successful on your own, without my help. 

To get in touch to book an information session, you can e-mail me at matt.mj.welsh@gmail.com, or give me a call at (613) 302-8118.  

Below is a little FAQ to answer some of the more common questions I hear from prospective students. 

Am I too old?
No, you're never too old. I have taught students up to 70-years of age and it has been an immensely rewarding experience for us both. 

Can you teach my child?
If they are above the age of 13, yes. Otherwise, no. While I do teach students under that age, progress is usually slower since the demands on the nervous system are usually too much for younger students.

Can you help me audition for Canterbury, De La Salle, University, the high school band, etc.?
Yes. I have had several students audition for Canterbury, De La Salle, Ottawa Youth Orchestra, and various other organizations and school-programs. Most have auditioned successfully, although success is usually a matter of practicing the material at home. But by and large, I am familiar with the audition process for most schools and programs in Ottawa.

Can you teach me the one song I've always wanted to learn/this one cool lick?
Probably, yeah. But lessons aren't structured around it. My process is to teach you the fundamental techniques and skills needed for succeeding with the instrument. Yes, we do play songs and music, but I do not teach specific songs, nor do I structure the lesson around the songs you want to learn. My whole method and idea of teaching is by giving you the knowledge and resources to enable your own learning. So before long, you'll be more adept at picking up songs on your own without my help. 

Do I need to be practicing regularly? It can be hard between work/school/family.
Real life interferes from time-to-time, and I totally understand that. If it's a particularly stressful time, I am okay with students taking time off and holding their slot if I have to. But success at any pursuit in life comes with a fair amount of hard-work and sacrifice. Maintaining regular practice and proper practice habits is essential to succeeding in lessons with me. If I find that the student is not practicing to the required level, I will discontinue lessons.