MJ12 is a side-project of mine, unrelated to any of my other musical endeavors. At its heart, MJ12 is a techno project, using different styles of composition that I wouldn't normally use on other projects. Each song reflects a different approach, and with each new song came more acquired knowledge. These songs are not listed in the order they were created, so the difference in quality and mixing might be apparent between songs. All songs were written, composed, mixed, and mastered by myself using Reason.

MJ12 is a vanity project. The goal was to create something that I wouldn't necessarily hate listening to on my own time. As such, I am not asking for any money. Feel free to pay more if you want, but this project was more of an escape from my other musical pursuits, and I did not create this with any financial goal in mind. The costs involved in making this were minimal.

The wonderful artwork and logo were made by the amazingly-talented Sarah Stephens, and the photography was done by the wonderfully capable Zak Aubin.

If you would like to check out artists in a similar vein, then I urge you to check out Perturbator, Carpenter Brut, and Jesper Kyd.

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